The Arks: A Post-Punk Rock Band

With the release of “Steady Or Else It’s Not There,” a five track extended play album recorded in 2004, The Chicago-based Arks band delivered what everyone knew they eventually would, a hot record. Combining great talent with Paul Hornschemeier on guitar and vocals, Mat Biscan on bass, Lanny Oswalt on guitar, and Glenn Rischke providing a driving drum beat, the post-punk rock group delivered a standout first full-length album entitled “The International.” After breaking up shortly afterward, the end to a bright future for the band was upon us.

A major component of the band’s mesmerizing sound came from the gritty, but impeccable guitar riffs. Add to that a heavy, dynamic bass and wired vocals and some serious rock and roll was created. This was an indie rock band that knew how to get crowds grooving to the beat. Although they were on the verge of music celebrity, they still loved the intimate scene. They were one of the best live bands for any event or party, always delivering a jolt of energy that was much appreciated by audiences wherever they performed. But their number one love was making music that moved their fans.

Energetic Music Band

Abstract, Loud, and Talented

The Arks had been called an abstract band that played loud music, but they were one of those rare bands that had the talent to go places where few bands ever will. In addition to their deep, driving volume, they delivered cranking beats and fiery guitars, creating a landscape that pushed the limits of sound without causing audiences to cringe. They were explosive to say the least, both in the studio as well as during live performances.

Producing an Explosive, Mesmerizing Sound

After signing with High Wheel Records, the band produced their first full-length album called The International, a volatile mix of high-energy grit and a live explosive sound. With bands like The Arks, it’s easy to see why crowds began noticing the powerful music scene emanating from Chicago at the time. They consistently blew the roof off of joints and the crowds couldn’t get enough of their edgy and provocative sound.

Live Post-Punk Rock Indie Band

In the post punk era of rock music, they were the bright spot on the High Wheel roster, until they split up and decided to go separate ways. Their final performance was riveting; a final good-bye from a band that clearly had a great deal of support from the audience and fans. Leaving the only way they knew how, by delivering an unforgettable show filled with all the energy they could muster, they left a deep impression on the local scene and will be missed greatly.

A Final Farewell from a Raucous Band

Blitzing the audience with a barrage of songs that had energy and power, with Paul’s voice slicing through the band’s aggressive, yet controlled attack, they made a lasting impression that the crowd will not soon forget. Triumph is the single word that comes to mind after the band’s final live performance. As they begin their travels on separate roads, one can only be saddened at the loss of such an incredibly talented group of musicians. Here’s to hoping they find new avenues to show off their talents. It’s hard to say good-bye to such a fun and tremendously addicting band.